Pot rolling papers company trolls Pence family with new rolling papers

I seriously dout Vice President Mike Pence or Second Lady Karen Pence care about being trolled by a company that makes rolling papers for cannabis, but the company Grassroots Papers is doing just that.

Their latest “trolling papers” features “Mother” Pence and the VP on the packaging and both are lighting up.


“Mike Pence might be the most powerful prohibitionist left in Washington, so he was a pretty easy choice for our fifth pack of trolling papers,” a spokesperson said in CULTURE. “We did a little polling for creative direction and asked people to tell us the first thing that came to mind about Mike Pence. The most common responses were the ‘Mother’ story, ‘homophobe,’ and the strict, strange ‘Billy Graham rule’ he appropriated to limit contact with women who are not Mother. So Mother Pence’s Holy Rollers was an attempt to roll all of those ideas into one pack. A joke on the pious, pot-fearing, puritanical Pences.”


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