Hillary Clinton: Margaret Thatcher not in book of ‘gutsy’ women because ‘she didn’t make a positive difference for all women’

Feminists like to constantly say feminism is about supporting all women, that they need to push one another, regardless of political views, to do and better.

Well, we’ve always known that was complete crap. Feminists don’t particularly like Nikki Haley. They aren’t big fans of Joni Ernst, Liz Cheney or Condoleezza Rice.

Now what do all of those women have in common? They are happen to be Republicans.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, who are currently across the pond promoting their book of “gutsy women,” have made it abundantly clear, letting us know without a doubt that when feminists say they support all women, what they mean is liberal, far left women.

Hillary Clinton was asked why she didn’t include former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in her book and her answer is very telling.

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