Another Dem getting into the race: Former Mass Gov. Deval Patrick

Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris, those are just some of the Democrats currently running for president.

However, it appears that the field is about to get even larger. Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is apparently getting into the race.

He’s expected to have a video hit social media announcing his run and then file to run in the New Hampshire primary by Friday’s deadline.

For a party that believes defeating Donald Trump in 2020 is a certainty, they aren’t acting as such.

If the current crop of Democrats seeking the White House was so strong, talented and well-positioned, why would people like Patrick and Bloomberg feel so comfortable getting into the game so late?

The field is supposed to be getting smaller not growing at this point.

This probably isn’t a great sign for the donkeys in 2020.

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