Dem Julian Castro says Iowa, New Hampshire not diverse enough, not good representation of US

Julian Castro either has some pretty big balls or a truckload of stupidity. It’s probably not the best of moves to imply that the people that you’re wanting to vote for you are bigots.

That’s exactly what Democrat presidential candidate Julian Castro insinuated on a recent appearance on MSNBC. The Democrat said that while he does appreciate those states and believes they should play a big role in the nominating process but that things should really be changed up.

Castro believes that Iowa and New Hampshire are not representative of the diversity in the United States.

One wonders how he would feel if his campaign wasn’t on life support and if he was in the top tier of candidates.

Castro’s attitude is nothing more than that of a sore loser. I’m losing so I’m going to take my ball and go home. Well, go home Julian. I think all five of your backers will be able to find someone else to supporters.

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