Extreme Pandering: Warren says ‘gender-nonconforming,’ ‘nonbinary’ people are backbone of the country

Politicians are some of the worst people on earth. Most have the uncanny ability to completely and totally disregard their behavior even when it’s wrong and/or illegal. And their voters and pundits will defend them to the death beacause…well, they have the same letter next to their name as me, of course.

But what is one of the worst traits about politicians is that they are complete panderers, willing to say or do anything if it means a few votes. Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren provide an extreme example of pandering when she posted the following message:

“Gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our country?” This simply more of this identity politics garbage that Democrats love to play. Did Warren not pay attention to the 2016 election?

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