Kentucky Libertarian Party issues statement, blisters Bevin

Statewide Republican candidates in Kentucky did very well. The state elected their African American as attorney general, Daniel Cameron, who happens to be to be a Republican.

In the Bluegrass state, every GOP candidate running for statewide office won except one: Matt Bevin.

Yes, I know Bevin is calling for a recall, refusing to concede the race. He’s losing by more than 5,000 votes. But he should just accept the outcome of the election and move on, right? Because that’s exactly what GOP voters and pundits would be saying if the shoe were on the other foot.

Simply because someone has a “D” or an “R” by their name doesn’t mean they automatically deserve a certain amount of votes. And those people would be 100% wrong.

No one simply gets my vote simply because they have a particular letter by their name. Candidates have to go out make their case to voters as to why they are the best person for the position. Apparently, according to the people of Kentucky, that wasn’t Bevin.

In the Kentucky’s governor race, in addition to the Democrat and the Republican, there was a Libertarian candidate. The Libertarian in the race received more than 28,000 votes.

Kentucky is a solid red state. If Bevin had been a decent candidate and if people were happy with the direction of their state, he would’ve received enough votes.

Following the race the Kentucky Libertarian Party released a statement going after the race:

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