John Legend & Kelly Clarkson to release new ‘woke’ version of ‘Baby it’s Cold Outside’

John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are teaming up for a new version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside” for Legend’s new holiday album, “A Legendary Christmas.” The new lyrics will reportedly go like this:

“Kelly: ‘What will my friends think … ‘ John: ‘I think they should rejoice,’ Kelly: ‘ … if I have one more drink?’ John: ‘It’s your body, and your choice.'”

The singers, who are also coaches on NBC’s The Voice are getting blasted by Dean Martin’s daughter, who doesn’t think the lyrics should have been changed at all. Deana Martin told Good Morning Britain, “”You do not change the lyrics to the song. He’s made it more sexual with those words … and I think what he’s done is, he’s stealing the thunder from [composer] Frank Loesser’s song and from my dad. He should write his own song if he doesn’t like this one, but don’t change the lyrics. It’s a classic, perfect song.”

Legend and Clarkson’s version comes out Friday.

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