Indiana Sen. Mike Braun blasts Warren’s health care plan

Health care is going to be a major issue in the 2020 presidential election. It’s been the number one debated issue in every single one of the Democratic debates.

Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have gone back and forth at one another about whose plan is better, which one covers the most people and who will be saddled with paying for those monstrosities.

Simply put, if any of them have their way, we’re going to be paying a lot for “Medicare for All,” no matter the shape or form, in which it’s implemented.

Small business owner and Indiana Republican Sen. Mike Braun was on Fox News Wednesday afternoon and blasted Warren’s insanely expensive plan health care plan.

At one point, he’s asked if Democrats are going to run on such monumentally pricey plans, will Republicans win on health care. Braun answers in the affirmative.

I agree that the Democrats are setting themselves up for failure with the voters when it comes to health care but the problem is that we haven’t heard a GOP plan. For as bad as what they may be, Democrats are still put forward plans while the Republicans aren’t, at least in my view, put anything forward.

Got to give the voters something to support in the area of health care, if you want to win them over on health care.

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