Seriously? Netflix actually adds ‘skip politics’ feature to new standup special

People are way too sensitive these days. It’s gotten to the point where if people hear or read something that doesn’t 100% jive with every single one of their preconceived ideas, well then it must be “fake news.”

Sadly, people being such “snowflakes” (another idiotic, overused term) that they if a comedian or an actor would happen to tell a joke about the president, politics, religion or something similar, most people just can’t handle it.

That’s why Netflix has actually instituted a “skip politics” feature on Seth Meyers’ new stand-up special. It will actually skip entire portions of the his show where makes fun of President Trump.

Personally, the feature doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, especially if you’re familiar with Meyers at all. He lampooned current events and politics on Saturday Night Live and he does on his late-night talk show. So, why would you watch it if you’re just going to fast forward it?

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