The Washington Nationals visit the White House and liberals can’t handle it

If you don’t agree with me politically, you’re my enemy. Sadly, that’s where we are today. This is most exhibited by those on the left but the those on the right do their fair share of that crap, too.

Don’t believe me? Try and disagree with a single syllable that comes out of President Trump’s mouth and you’ll feel the misspelled wrath of the MAGA crowd.

Well, today it was the left, once again, that showed their stupidity as the World Series champion Washington Nationals visited the White House. Many on the left were disappointed and even angry as two players weren’t openly hostile toward Trump.

The Nationals catcher put on MAGA hat as it ends with the most awkward hug you’ve ever seen from the Trump.

Then there was Ryan Zimmerman who put thanked the president for keeping the country safe and then gave him his own Nationals jersey.

Liberals were absolutely up in arms over the display from the two players.

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