New poll shows Trump leads Warren in battleground states

Can you really trust the political polls after the 2016 election? Who knows, but they’re still interesting to look at. We are just under one year until the next Presidential election. Democrats are campaigning hard, dropping out of the race like flies and three names have emerged as the front runners right before the people of Iowa start caucusing in January: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Based on a new poll from The New York Times, it looks like Democrats better pick Joe Biden if they want a shot at defeating Trump in 2020.

Trump leads Elizabeth Warren in all swing states except Arizona, where the President is tied with the Senator. Sanders beats Trump in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, but Trump wins Florida, Arizona and North Carolina.

Only Biden beats Trump in all but two swing states: Michigan (they’re tied) and North Carolina, which has Trump up by two.

Obviously, a lot can change in a year’s time. But these kinds of polls are definitely worth looking at as the election process ramps up heading into the new year.


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