Buttigieg believes Democratic primary is between 2 candidates

There are still way too many Democrats running for president. A handful of them of actually have a legitimate shot at the nomination and others wouldn’t have a chance if they were the only candidate in the race.

However, South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg seems to believe that the it’s coming to down to two candidates: him and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Everyone else, in his mind, can just go on home, even former Vice President Joe Biden.

Apparently, Buttigieg believes Democrat party voters want either a bland, boring Midwestern “moderate” mayor who doesn’t seem to have much of a grip on his own city (South Bend PD and race issues and the abortion doctor extraordinaire Ulrich Klopfer) or a far left, Massachusetts liberal who wants to do away with private, employer-provided health insurance and saddle us with a “Medicare for All” bill that’ll cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 trillion.

If that’s the best Democrats can do, well then that’s pretty sad.

Personally, I’d love for this clown show to go on as long as possible. Watching these people out liberal one another is entertaining.

How far left can they go? What will they promise to whom next in order to secure votes?

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