Roundup of the best Halloween costumes from the conservative crowd

Happy Halloween! Hopefully where you are, it’s a good night for trick-or-treating. Here in central Indiana, we’re currently getting SNOW. So there’s that.

Last year, I did a round up of some of the fun costumes conservative commentators and politicians put together and thought it would be fun to do again. Here are some of the best that I found.

Tomi Lahren decided to dress up as AOC.

Meghan McCain put aside her differences with her liberal counterparts on The View and they went as characters from Stephen King’s IT.

Bethany S. Mandel shared a photo with her husband Seth dressed as Tom Petty.

Sam J. from Twitchy dressed her cute Corgi up like President Trump.

Mitt Romney’s grandson dressed as Pierre Delecto, LOL.

Mary Katherine Ham, who recently got engaged, shared this adorable photo of her daughter as the book character Rosie Revere Engineer.

Abby Huntsman continued the Stephen King theme, dressing as Carrie complete with a prom date.

Jess Mears, who works for the United States Libertarian Party, dressed up as Andrew Yang with “freedom dividends.”

Nothing from Dana Loesch who usually has a great costume, but she did post that she’s wearing a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” t-shirt today.

Alex Clark, who hosts the show “Poplitics” on Turning Point USA’s YouTube Channel, dressed up as Marie Kondo.

We’ll keep adding to the list as more post their fun Halloween photos! Stay warm if you go trick-or-treating with your littles tonight.

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