Outgoing Rep. Katie Hill blames ‘rightwing media’ and ‘misogynistic’ culture for her resignation

California Congressman Katie Hill is stepping down from her position.

Her resignation comes after nearly two weeks in which naked pictures of the lawmaker were released, showing her with a subordinate with whom she has been engaged in a sexual relationship.

Despite the fact that engaging in a sexual relationship with a subordinate creates a situation in which a position of power becomes an issue and for that reason Hill was under an ethics violation, it wasn’t Hill’s fault.

It wasn’t Hill’s fault that she decided to pose for those naked photos with a subordinate and carrying on a relationship with her. It wasn’t her fault that apparently some of their sexual exploits took place in her office.

That wasn’t her fault. None of it was her fault.

Instead, Hill used her last floor speech to lay blame on her predicament on a double standard, a rightwing media and a misogynsitic culture.

Hill goes on to say that if something like this happened to a man, things would be dramatically different. Has she ever heard of Al Franken?

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