Ilhan Omar outraged that Walmart CEO makes more than cashiers

Generally, there are different pay rates depending on what you do in a company. The CEO of Walmart makes nearly $23,000,000, which is no small amount. Not totally unexpected though, since Walmart is a global company and is number one in revenue in the United States.

A cashier at Walmart makes considerably less, with a median salary of just over $22,000. And that figure is a “moral outrage” according to Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who tweeted her disgust.

“Walmart CEO’s salary last year: $23,618,233. A Walmart worker’s median pay last year: $21,952. The issue isn’t that these employees aren’t working hard enough. It’s that our system doesn’t value workers. And it’s a moral outrage,” she tweeted.

People were quick to point out that a CEO and a cashier job are quite different and that Walmart’s CEO actually started at the company as a teen who unloaded merchandise from the supply trucks.

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