Elizabeth Warren admits her ‘Medicare for All’ plan will result in millions of lost jobs

Health care is a policy area that garners a massive amount of attention every election cycle. The upcoming presidential election doesn’t appear to be any different.

At every Democratic presidential debate, health care has been an issue that has been debated and debated and debated some more. More time has been spent discussing health care in every debate than any other policy area, and it’s not even close.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden all have plans to give everyone in the United States. Or at least they say they do.

Elizabeth Warren wants to go the Medicare for all route. Perhaps she’s unaware that Medicare is broke but hey, she just works in the federal government and wants to be President of the United States.

After admitting her plan will result in millions of lost jobs, Warren then moves to the liberal talking point of all the money made in the health care industry.

Why shouldn’t people be compensated for their work? Why is it that making money in the health care sector looked down upon?

Yes, I understand some people’s lives literally depend upon their health care. But how long do we really think America will produce the the best drugs, the latest technological in the area if the profit incentive is taken away?

Warren was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a professor at Harvard. How cruel and uncaring of her.

The cost of admission wouldn’t be nearly as expensive if it she didn’t take such a salary. Maybe she should agree to work for free.

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