Ilhan Omar outraged that Walmart CEO makes more than cashiers

Generally, there are different pay rates depending on what you do in a company. The CEO of Walmart makes nearly $23,000,000, which is no small amount. Not totally unexpected though, since Walmart is a global […]

Elizabeth Warren admits her ‘Medicare for All’ plan will result in millions of lost jobs

Health care is a policy area that garners a massive amount of attention every election cycle. The upcoming presidential election doesn’t appear to be any different. At every Democratic presidential debate, health care has been […]

Booker admits support for gun buyback, refuses to answer how he’ll accomplish it

Robert Francis O’Rourke has admitted on a number of occasions that he wants to disarm law-abiding citizens. Wednesday on “The View” Cory Booker also admitted that he’s in favor of mandatory gun buybacks. However, when […]