Politicon 2019: Panels, debates and fun in Nashville, Tennessee

In our current political discourse, you’re either right or left, my friend or my enemy. Tribalism is the name of the game and no one really seems interested in having sane, level-headed discussions where common ground could be found.

No, instead people usually end up screaming at one another simply because they identify as a Republican or a Democrat. Well, one convention brings people of all political views and opinions together for a civil discussion and of issues and topics: Politicon.

Politicon is an annual two-day convention, now in its fifth year, was held in Nashville, Tennessee on Oct. 26 and Oct. 27.

This year’s Politicon brought together some of the biggest names in politics for debates, discussion panels, meet-and-greets and book signings. Those who attended included Sean Hannity, James Carville, Tomi Lahren, Guy Benson, Ann Coulter, James Comey, Al Franken, Clay Travis, Ana Navarro and Reince Preibus, to name a few.

We made it to as many events as possible. Some of which were great and some of them weren’t but it was still a hectic but fun-filled two days where all kinds of views were heard and discussed.

Here are a few videos of the discussions we attended:

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