Kamala Harris says her low poll numbers are due to racism, sexism

Kamala Harris’ campaign has fallen on hard times.

Ever since Tulsi Gabbard eviscerated Harris’ record as a prosecutor and California’s attorney general during the July Democratic debate, she hasn’t been able to recover.

Prior to that moment, Harris was in the top tier of candidates but since that moment she has come in the middle of the pack. According to a few polls, Harris is even having trouble in her home state of California.

But never mind the fact that Harris was caught flatfooted by Gabbard’s attack on her record, her flip-flop on whether incarcerated inmates should be allowed to vote, her health care plan, or her attempt to paint Joe Biden as a racist, Harris has a reason for poor poll numbers: racism and sexism.

Harris actually believes that her not being at the top of the Democratic primary is because America is a racist and a sexist country.

This is nothing more than a desperate move from a desperate campaign and candidate.

And here I thought Democrats and their voters were all beyond racism and sexism? I wonder how accusing people who you hope to get their votes of racism and sexism will work out for her.

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