Weld, Walsh and Sanford talk Trump at Politicon 2019

The 2019 Politicon convention kicked off in Nashville, TN with a conversation among the three GOP candidates running for President against Trump

Jennifer Rubin moderated the Q&A style forum which featured Joe Walsh, Bill Weld and Mark Sanford talking about impeachment, climate change, the changing GOP and guns.

When asked, all three candidates confirmed that they believe President Trump has committed impeachable acts with both Russia and Ukraine. Weld stated that the Mueller report makes it clear Trump should be impeached, saying “if Trump’s not impeached, no one should be.”

On other issues, all three felt climate change is a danger to our planet and if elected, would rejoin the Paris Climate Accord.

Weld wants to undo Citizen’s United and all three support red flag laws/universal background checks when it comes to more gun control.

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