Bette Midler believes we should be grateful Rand Paul was beaten by his neighbor

Democrats and those on the left abhor violence. They absolutely cannot stand it….except when it comes to their political opponents.

Compassionate and loving Hollywood liberal Bette Midler is thrilled Rand Paul was beaten by his neighbor and believes society as a whole should heap gratitude upon Paul’s neighbor.

Why? Well, because Midler feels differently on an issue from the Kentucky senator.

Of course the woman starts off her message saying how much she despises violence and then proceeds to advocate for it being used upon Paul.

I understand people become passionate about particular issues and topics but using violence against those with whom you disagree is the stuff of dictators.

But hey people like Midler and the rest of her Hollywood friends will continue to talk about love, acceptance and tolerance and then when someone disagrees with them, they’ll lash out like the above tweet.

Midler needs to go the way of her acting and singing career and just disappear.

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