‘The View’ hosts Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin back Clinton’s smear of Gabbard

Last week, Hillary Clinton, without any evidence at all, implied that Tulsi Gabbard is being used by the Russians.

Hillary, obviously still upset that Gabbard backed Bernie Sanders over her in 2016, is airing her grievances publicly. Hillary seems to be of the mindset that if I can’t win, I ‘m gonna take as many people down with as possible.

But what’s truly astonishing about this whole episode is that there are people who are actually supporting Hillary Clinton, despite there being no evidence to Hillary’s assertion.

Two of those people supporting Hillary’s smearing of Gabbard are “The View” hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin.

What do Behar and Hostin use as evidence for believing Hillary’s claim? Gabbard hasn’t denied and according to Hostin, Hillary has been right on everything else.

It truly is said that often times in society the ones who get the most attention are those who are the loudest and not necessarily the smartest.

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