Warren still refuses to say how to fund her health care plan, says she needs more time

Elizabeth Warren appears to be the media and the Democratic Party establishment’s choice for the nomination.

But as while she is getting the coverage and the airtime, the one question that really hasn’t been asked of Warren and one that she absolutely refuses to answer is about her plan to provide Medicare for all.

How does the woman propose to pay for it? That seems like a pretty important question, right?

Given the fact that health care has been all the Democrats have talked about since any of them announced their campaign for the White House, that may be something voters would like to or at least should know.

But hold on just a second, the senator from Massachusetts still needs more time on her health care plan.

The fact that this woman has not been called on to answer about how she intends to pay for her health care plan just show you how incompetent our media really is.

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