Beto compares Trump, his administration to Third Reich

Robert Francis O’Rourke isn’t going to be the Democrat ultimately nominated to run for president.

It’s just not going to happen. He’s a long shot at best, if you believe he has any shot at all.

Beto seems to realize he’s never going to be the nominee either. Why else would someone running for president say some of the truly outrageous stuff that he has in the last couple months?

He has steadily moved to the left. With his proposed gun confiscation and ending the tax-exempt status of churches that don’t agree with him, Beto has gotten more radical by the day.

But what’s really interesting is that all of these proposals don’t seem to have helped his polling numbers at all.

Well, in keeping with his recent trend, O’Rourke went on MSNBC and spoke with Rev. Al Sharpton and actually compared President Trump to Hitler, Goebbels and the Third Reich.

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