VIDEO: Rand Paul confronted by angry liberals in California restaurant

Remember when Maxine Water called for people to  “push back on” Trump supporters and conservatives, then “tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere”? Well, the people of California were listening.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul was eating lunch at California restaurant on Friday when an angry group of liberals decided to harass him and his deputy chief of staff, Sergio Gor. They took video of the incident, which Gor then posted on his Twitter account.

The man seemed fairly calm, stating he had a right to talk to Paul since he’s an elected official, but the woman in the video goes crazy on the two, screaming, “You just ran into two people from New York, kiddo, and we’re not putting up with your Republican bullshit!”

She also appears to give the Senator the finger.

Check out Gor’s video below.


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