Pete Buttigieg believes Dave Chappelle’s standup is ‘hurtful’

Pete Buttigieg may be from the Midwest but he is super woke.

The South Bend, Indiana Mayor may not always know what’s going on in his own city (abortion Dr. Ulrich Klopfer) but he knows what’s going on and pop culture and some of it upsets the mayor.

During a recent interview, Buttigieg was asked about the comedy of Dave Chapelle and Bill Burr and whether their comedy was funny or harmful. As you’d expect, Buttigieg said some of Chappelle’s recent standup is just plain hurtful.

But what’s really odd is that the mayor says this and actually admits that he’s not even seen the standup on which he’s providing his opinion.

Mayor Pete just scored 10 points with the cool, woke crowd.

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