Who told Warren it was a good idea to tweet about Indigenous People’s Day??

You’d think that after pretending to have Native American heritage, then having to apologize to tribal communities for it, Elizabeth Warren would stay away from talking about anything having to do with the subject.

But here she is on Columbus Day, which has been renamed Indigenous People’s Day by many woke cities, tweeting about respecting Native American culture.

“The story of America’s mistreatment of indigenous peoples is long and painful. And yet, Native communities have proven resilient. We owe them our respect—and we must honor our government’s commitments and promises to them,” she began.

“We must fulfill our trust and treaty obligations to Tribal Nations. We must protect Tribal sovereignty and self-determination. And we have to go even further to empower indigenous peoples to build stronger communities and a brighter future,” she continued.

People were not kind to her in their responses.

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