76er fans with pro-Hong Kong signs ejected from game…..in Philadelphia

The National Basketball Association has a massive public relations nightmare on their hands.

It appears that the NBA is apparently so money hungry that they don’t want to anger the communist Chinese government but would rather suppress any and all talk about Hong Kong…..even in America.

Wednesday night, two Philadelphia 76er fans brought pro-Hong Kong signs to a game against the Guangzhou Loong Lions. Both claim they were ejected from the game for their politically-charged signs.

Not being allowed to express your opinion and suppressing free speech are something we’d expect in communist China but the game was played in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This is insane to think something like this is coming from a major sports organization in the United States of America.

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  1. The Warriors coach, Steve Kerr, sure can talk sht about Trump but can’t comment about this.

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