Brother of man fatally shot by former Dallas police officer: I love you, only want the best for you

There’s a lot of evil in this world, there’s just no way around it.

Don’t believe me? Just take a gander at social media. People spout some of the most vile, hateful things possible at one another on a daily basis simply because they may not see eye to eye on an issue or topic.

However, even in the midst of tragedy and death, there can be and is mercy and forgiveness.

This week former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was convicted of murder in the shooting of Botham Jean in his apartment.

She was sentenced to 10 years in prison the fatal shooting.

However, during her sentencing, the brother of the man she fatally shot, Brandt Jean, instructed to her give her life to Christ, that he forgave her and that he only wishes for the best for her.

At the end of his powerful statement, he asked if he could give her a hug.

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