Hillary and Chelsea Clinton talk Trump and Ukraine on Colbert

If I was a twice failed presidential candidate, I think I’d quietly fade away and enjoy spending time with my family and being out of the political rat race. Not Hillary Clinton, though. She can’t let 2016 go and continues to give America her opinion on all things President Trump.

Last night, Mrs. Clinton appeared with daughter Chelsea on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to talk about Ukraine, the phone call and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Colbert asked Clinton if she thought Trump should be “locked up.” Clinton replied that she supports an impeachment inquiry and “I believe strongly that this particular incident has had such a huge impact. To see him in the office of the president putting his own personal and political interest ahead of the national security of our country just pierced through whatever confusion or denial people had.”

Colbert brought Chelsea into the conversation by asking how she felt about the popular chant from the Trump rallies.

“Well I think some days he thinks about her more than I do. I do feel the need to protect her [and] I do worry about her because of what we continue to see at his rallies, the rabid ‘lock her up’ chants, that it’s still his greatest hit is troubling to me,” she said.

Hillary Clinton also added that President Trump’s behavior on the Ukraine phone call was “embarrassing.”

“The president’s behavior was at least embarrassing, if not illegal and impeachable. So I think if the Secretary of State was on the call, as is now being reported, he should have been one of the very first people to say ‘Wait a minute, we’ve got to clean this up. You can’t let that stand.’ But we don’t know what he did,” she said.


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