Antifa members scream at, block elderly couple from crossing street

The Left is against fascism. They despise being controlled and being told what to do, what to think and having other people force their beliefs on them.

They hate fascism so much that they felt the need to create a group called “Antifa.”

They are so proud of being associated with this explicitly antifascist group that destroys property, shuts down events featuring people they disagree with and inflicts violence on reporters, that they feel the need to cover their faces.

Apparently, part of being against fascism includes screaming profanities at and blocking an elderly couple from crossing the road.

That’s exactly what several distinguished members of Antifa did as the couple was trying to get to an event featuring a conservative politician in Canada.

Yes, those elderly people were just trying to oppress them and force their beliefs on them! Fascists, indeed!

One thought on “Antifa members scream at, block elderly couple from crossing street”

  1. They’re fascists and we all know it, doesn’t matter what they say.

    Also, Antifa is against our police forces. You know why? In Nazi Germany all of the police were replaced with “Brownshirts” and the police chiefs were replaced with Nazi’s. Now someone please tell me they’re not fascists. It’s okay, I’ll wait…

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