‘Aquaman’ actor Jason Momoa: ‘We are a disease infecting our planet’

Conserving our natural resources and taking care of the earth is something people should strive to do. It only makes sense to take care of and protect the place where we live.

But the left, the media and especially Hollywood has turned environmentalism into a quasi-religion where there are certain beliefs that must be adhered to, practices that must be observed and where the Earth is seen as this deity-like figure, dispensing judgment on those who upset Mother Earth.

“Aquaman” actor Jason Momoa recently spoke at the United Nations about the dire shape our planet is currently in and how immediate action is needed. At one point during his remarks, Momoa said that humans are a “disease infecting our planet.”

Yes, he, like several of the Democrats currently running for president, is actually advocating population control in order to save the Earth. What’s odd with people like him, though, is that they are seemingly unwilling to follow through on their commitment to the Earth. I’m not advocating mass, global suicide but if you have the balls to tell others that the human race is infecting the planet, then you better be ready to step up to the plate and put actions to your words.

Also, this guy could probably do the Earth a lot of good if he would stop polluting the theaters with his films and perhaps take a shower once in a while.

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