FL middle school quiz question calls Trump an ‘idiot’

According to the parents of a Duncan Middle School student, teachers are trying to indoctrinate their students.

One father posted on social media that his daughter was given a quiz with a question that called President Trump an idiot. He took a screenshot of the multiple choice test question, which reads: “45th President; 2017; Republican; Real estate businessman; Idiot”.

The students are given four possible choices: Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon or Jimmy Carter.

According to Todd Starnes, the school is investigating the matter and has been reassigned for the moment.

“The question was inappropriate and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgment on the part of the teacher,” Principal Philip D’Amico told parents.
The teacher has been reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation.
“I apologize for this incident and for the offensive verbiage used in the question,” the principal wrote to parents.
The quiz was posted online and the parent has since made his Twitter account private, but the school says the question has been removed.



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