Fox News has ‘no plans’ to book Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles after Greta Thunberg segment

Greta Thunberg will be named a saint in the next few days. Those on the left and in the media are glowing after the 16-year-old’s fiery speech at the United Nations about climate change and the need to combat it.

And now, given her gender, age, and condition but especially her politics, she is untouchable. She can do no wrong and if you dare speak out against her views, you’ll be condemned.

On Fox News Monday evening, Daily Wire host Michael Knowles called out Thunberg’s comments and how she is being used as a pawn by those on the left.

However, at one point during his comments, Knowles referred to her as “a mentally ill child.”

Was it the best choice of words? Probably not but of course those in the media and on the left are up in arms following his comments.

Following the segment and the outrage, Fox News issued an apology and has said they have no further plans to book Knowles on their network.

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