Rep. Tlaib: Scientists were saying secondhand smoke is worse than directly smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes cause cancer. Every pack of cigarettes and every moronic, mind-numbingly dumb anti-smoking commercial tell us this fact. I’m not a smoker, never picked up a cigarette but people have the right to light […]

Gabbard: Impeachment will be terribly divisive, further divide our country

Representative and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard will not be voting for impeachment. Prior to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing the House’s “official impeachment inquiry” into President Trump, Gabbard appeared on CNN where she was […]

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces House ‘official impeachment inquiry’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced that the House of Representatives will begin an “official impeachment inquiry” of President Trump. Pelosi, in making her announcement, cited President Trump admitting to seeking the help of the […]

Aurora shooting victims families ask Warner Brothers to donate to anti-gun groups, sever ties with NRA backed politicians ahead of new ‘Joker’ movie

In 2012, a gunman open fired on a crowd of movie goers watching “The Dark Knight” in Aurora, Colorado. When questioned by the police, the shooter repeatedly told them he was The Joker. Now, the […]