The Washington Post compares Elizabeth Warren to Frederick Douglass

Forget Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, the liberal media seems to have picked their candidate for president: Elizabeth Warren.

The Washington Post actually posted an article in which they compared famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

How does the Post believe a man who was born into slavery, taught himself to read and write and then through nothing but hard work and determination rose to prominence as one of the leading anti-slavery voices, working with President Lincoln and Elizabeth Warren are alike? Well, the photos they took, of course.

The author of the piece Hannah Natason believes that like Douglass, who was able to use the photos he was in to smash stereotypes about African Americans, Elizabeth Warren is doing the same for women, mainly that women are, in fact, presidential.

Yes, the woman who claimed to be of a different race to get ahead at Harvard is the very same as the man who worked to free an entire group of people from slavery.

Excellent comparison!

I look forward to their next article in which Harriet Tubman and Bernie Sanders are essentially the same person because they both spoke in the English language.

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