Pete Buttigieg excited to have ‘steakfry,’ after saying eating a burger is ‘part of the problem’

After seeing an initial uptick in the polls, mainly fueled by the media’s giddiness over the possibility of having our nation’s first gay president, his supported has waned considerably. Most polls have the South Bend, Indiana mayor in the 4-5% range.

He’s so bland, boring and nothing more than a run-of-the-mill liberal. And like everyone else running for president as a Democrat, Buttigieg is all in on the climate crisis, placing the blame solely on you and I. What was especially interesting, though, was what Mayor Pete said was part of the problem: eating a burger.

Well, apparently that idea of eating less burgers and meat didn’t apply to the bland mayor of South Bend. No, instead the mayor posted a video on Instagram exclaiming that he’s more than excited about “steakfry.”

Just by the name alone, I’m going to venture a guess that steakfry isn’t a vegetable.

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