Biden accused of sexism by LGBTQ forum moderator

On Friday, former Vice President Joe Biden took part in a LGBTQ forum held in Iowa and things got heated between Biden and Cedar Rapids Gazette columnist Lyz Lenz who was moderating the event.

While asking him about past stances on Defense of Marriage Act, the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and comments he made earlier this year where he said Vice President Mike Pence is “a decent guy,” Biden ruffled the moderator’s feathers by calling her a “real sweetheart.”

From USA Today:

“You’re a lovely person,” Biden replied drolly.

“Just asking the questions that people want to know,” Lenz responded.

After the session, Lenz said as she walked off stage Biden dryly remarked to her that she was “a real sweetheart.” She told USA TODAY that she found the Democratic presidential frontrunner’s remark condescending.

“It’s 2019, you shouldn’t be calling women sweethearts,” Lenz said.

Watch the tense exchange below.

Biden’s statements in the video above seem to directly contradict what he said in this clip from 2000, though.

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