Growing desperate: Harris campaign says McConnell must choose between kids, NRA

Kamala Harris’ presidential aspirations seem to be quickly fading as her poll numbers have dramatically fallen.

In the oh so important state of Iowa, Harris has dropped 13 points to sixth place, good enough for 5% support.

But it gets even worse for the senator from California as she’s bringing up the rear in her home state. Biden, Sanders, Warren and even Andrew Yang are defeating Harris in the Golden state. She’s only managing a measly 6% in California, the state that knows her best.

So, seeing the writing on the wall, the Harris campaign seems to be going for broke. When you’ve got nothing else, you’ll resort to desperate measures and that’s exactly what Harris’ campaign is doing.

She says Mitch McConnell must choose between the NRA and our kids, as if those are the only two options.

But hey, I seem to remember that Kamala Harris is also a member of that legislative body as well.

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