Fashion line debuts new ‘school shooting’ inspired hoodies complete with bullet holes

I don’t know who gave this a green light, but it’s in very poor taste. Fashion brand Bstroy debuted their 2020 menswear collection featuring school shooting inspired hoodies that come with what appear to be bullet holes in the fabric.

There are four hoodies and each one features names of schools where shootings have taken place: Sandy Hook, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Columbine and Virginia Tech. The later image has been removed from their Instagram account, but the three others remain.

Family members and survivors of the shootings eviscerated the clothing line in the comments and on Twitter.

Founder and designer of the brand posted a statement on his Instagram account, saying “Sometimes life can be painfully ironic. Like the irony of dying violently in a place you considered to be a safe, controlled environment, like school. We are reminded all the time of life’s fragility, shortness, and unpredictability yet we are also reminded of its infinite potential.”

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