Bill Burr on ‘SNL’ firing comedian over Youtube video: You f**kin’ millennials, you’re rats’

Political correctness has become extremely pervasive, touching nearly ever single facet of our society.

And now it’s even reached the world of comedy. This week “Saturday Night Live” fired newly hired cast member Shane Gillis over a Youtube video in which he purportedly made some racist comments about Asians.

After this discovery was made, there was widespread outrage from those on the left immediately calling for the long-running sketch show to ditch Gillis. Well, SNL bowed the knee to the woke members of society and got rid of one of their newest cast members.

This move comes after critics excoriated Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix standup special “Sticks and Stones,” calling it unfunny and not even worth watching.

It’s certainly become clear, there are somethings that are OK to joke about others that aren’t, according to those on the left who seek to control what you and I are able to laugh about.

Well, comedians Bill Burr and Jim Jeffries both a similar take on the Gillis situation, that people who have never taken the stage during an open mic night are absolutely ruining comedy.

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