Authors of NYT Kavanaugh piece make things much worse during MSNBC appearance

The New York Times is still feeling the heat after publishing an article over the weekend in which they accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault during a party at Yale.

Following the article, a number of Democrats called for Kavanaugh’s immediate impeachment and removal from the court, no questions asked. Well, turns out the article wasn’t exactly correct.

On Sunday, the Times added an editor’s note to the article saying that the supposed victim wasn’t interviewed for piece and friends of the woman told the author’s she didn’t even remember the incident even happening.

This whole thing is a complete and utter mess and shows exactly why people distrust the media.

And now the author’s of the piece have made it 10 times worse following their appearance Monday night on MSNBC.

Kate Kelly and Robin Pogrebin went on and actually said the editor’s amendment, that the woman wasn’t interview and that she didn’t even remember it happening, was in the original article.

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