Condoleezza Rice says both Democrats and Republicans are to blame when talking racial issues

President Bush’s former Secretary of State told CNN host Fareed Zakaria that when it comes to talking about racial issues and the language people use, both Democrats and Republicans are to blame.

“Look, the president needs to be a lot more careful in the way that he speaks about these things because race is a very delicate and raw nerve in America,” Rice said. “We have a birth defect of slavery, we have a birth defect of a number of people being treated badly, and so you need to be careful.”

But she was quick to point out, it’s not just coming from The White House.

“But I will tell you, Fareed, it’s not all coming out of the White House,” she continued. “I hear a lot coming out of the Left on these issues, too, that I don’t like the language that is used about people — the notion that because somebody looks a certain way or is of a certain color, they ought to think a certain way. And if they don’t think a certain way, then they’re really not black.”

Watch Rice’s interview below.

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