Dem. Amy Klobuchar has an odd definition of courage

There are still way too many Democrats running for President of the United States. One of those people still running, who really has no shot of being the nominee, but who is more than likely vying for a VP slot, is Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Now, for a group of candidates who openly admit to wanting to confiscate guns, want to pass the massively expensive and government power grab that is The Green New Deal, and essentially want to do away with any borders to our country, Klobuchar was one of the moderates. But as you can figure out, when you’re running against people who advocate for such extreme measures it’s not hard to appear moderate.

Klobuchar, however, showed that she’s still down with the liberal side of the party in a Sunday afternoon tweet.

Yes, it’s odd and wrong but it’ll score her points with the far left of her party and that’s all that really matters.

Following new allegations, which are uncorroborated, that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted another woman as freshman at Yale, Dems are calling for his impeachment and removal from the highest court in the land.

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