Hillary Clinton pretends she’s president at art exhibit

An art exhibit in Venice, Italy entitled “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails,” got a special visitor: Hillary Clinton herself.

The failed candidate decided to have fun with it, sitting behind the replica of the Resolute Desk which sits in the Oval Office. Clinton then proceeded to pretend to read the stacks of  her e-mails on the desk for about an hour.

According to The Hill, “More than 60,000 pages of emails were printed out and assembled in large stacks on a mock presidential resolute desk for the exhibit.”

The HuffPost reported that Clinton said the exhibit “is further proof that nothing wrong or controversial can be found on these emails.”

Clinton wasn’t invited to the exhibit, instead learning about it on her own.

“The exhibition is a way to allude to an alternative world that will never exist. We are happy that the real Hillary Clinton has been part of this image full of possibilities,” the curatorial team continued in a blanket statement to media about Clinton’s visit. “Visiting HILLARY by Kenneth Goldsmith, she has not only been in front of her emails. The exhibition is indeed the portrait of a powerful woman, but also the portrait of a historical change in our understanding of notions such as transparency, propaganda, public and private space.”


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