Liberal site NowThis says ‘Hey guys’ is sexist, offensive and reinforces the patriarchy

It gets real hard to take liberals serious at times. For instance, it seems they just love finding things to be offended by.

Seriously, the list of words they tell us we aren’t allowed to say grows longer by the day. Well, get ready because it just got a little longer.

Liberal site NowThis released a video informing everyone that “guys” when used to refer to men and women is terribly, terribly offensive, sexist and reinforces that always-looming patriarchy!

In the video, the young woman tries breakdown the history behind the term “guys.” After that telling us how awful that word is, she then talks about the need to reprogram people and that if we slip up with a “hey guys” here or there, it’s OK! Thank God!

Really, it gets real difficult to take these people seriously when they are offended by every little thing.

At what point do they become a parody of themselves? Likely, they’ve already reached that point.

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