Christina Sommers on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ dispels wage gap myth, discusses insanity of 3rd wave feminism

Everyone should be treated equally under the law.

I don’t think that’s a crazy statement and it’s one likely 99% of society would agree with is both right and logical.

Now, that also means men and women should be treated that same, right? Isn’t real feminism about women obtaining equality with men? Sure, it is and most people with a properly functioning brain wouldn’t be against such an idea.

But the problem comes into play when women are constantly told they are victims of “toxic masculinity” and are wanting special rights carved out for them.

Christina Hoff Summers recently appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Sommers, who describes herself as a Democrat and a feminist, describes and discusses the insanity that is 3rd wave feminism that seems to teach women they are victims simply because men exist.

Also, she destroys the wage gap myth that is so often repeated by those on the left and the media.

Check out her segment:

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