Leftists in Toronto stage protest of Chick-fil-A opening because….?

Liberals do not like Chick-fil-A they’ve made that extremely clear. They’ve both boycotted the popular restaurant chain and attempted to ban it from a number of cities and college campuses.

Thankfully, those actions from our friends on the left have been wholly unsuccessful and in vain as the chicken joint continues to attract customers because of their exceptional, friendly service and food.

In Toronto, Canada, where leftists apparently have nothing else to do, decided it worth their time to hold a “die in” to protest the opening of a Toronto Chick-fil-A.

Do these idiots not see that when it comes to their cause – whatever that may be – they are their own worst enemy. Really, who is going to take people who act and talk like this seriously? Not anyone with half a brain and whose hair isn’t dyed one of the colors of the rainbow.

The people of Toronto didn’t seem to be phased by their words of moronic actions either.

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