Candace Owens calls Jemele Hill an ‘insufferable idiot’ over segregation comments

Jemele Hill recently wrote a piece for The Atlantic where she calls for black students to leave white colleges and attend black universities instead.

”Black athletes have attracted money and attention to the predominantly white universities that showcase them. Meanwhile, black colleges are struggling,” she writes. “Bringing elite athletic talent back to black colleges would have potent downstream effects. It would boost HBCU revenues and endowments; stimulate the economy of the black communities in which many of these schools are embedded; amplify the power of black coaches, who are often excluded from prominent positions at predominantly white institutions; and bring the benefits of black labor back to black people,” she continued.

This got the attention of Candace Owens, who blasted Hill on Twitter for promoting segregation.

So @jemelehill is calling for black athletes to leave white universities. YASSSS JEMELE!! Self-imposed segregation! Our ancestors would be so proud! We should make it ILLEGAL for blacks and whites to play sports together and call it Hill-Crow laws. …You insufferable idiot,” Owens tweeted.

Hill responded by saying, “Call me what you like, but at least I knew the Central Park 5 were exonerated. But you go ahead and stick to those talking points.”

Owens then said Hill was just trying to distract people from the fact that she’s calling for segregation and sounding very much like President Trump by saying she has a “tremendously low IQ.”

Hill hasn’t responded as of yet. Doubtful she’ll take her up on the offer to debate.

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