Rep. Steve King posts video drinking out of water fountain over toilet at migrant detention center; AOC responds

Iowa Rep. Steve King hosted a town hall on Wednesday and told attendees about visiting the migrant detention centers at the border. During that story, he mentioned that he drank out of the water fountains that are attached to the toilets.

If you remember, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez visited the detention centers earlier this year and claimed migrants were being forced to drink toilet water. It caused a huge stir, even though her accusations could not be verified.

So King thought he’d pay a visit to the border himself and test out the water. After the reporter covering the town hall meeting wrote about his story, King decided to release a video of himself drinking the water.

“I went to the cell where it was alleged that the inmates in there were told that they had to drink out of the toilet,” King said. “So I went and took that drink that was the recommendation that was there and I’ve got pictures of it. You can see them. There was a stainless steel flush toilet, the back tank of the toilet and on the back tank of the toilet is a drinking fountain.”

In the video, King says the water is “not bad.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was not amused and responded to the video by tweeting, “There is a genre of videos where GOP House members – who clearly didn’t read sworn testimony that detention sinks were broken- filming themselves drinking out of toilet sinks. They’re so anti-immigrant they risk pink eye to show off that they didn’t do the reading


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